The Founding Member Vault

This is intended to be an early proof-of-personhood vault, in which unique people who contribute to the protocol can have a voice in governance.

How to claim voting power

To claim voting power, a user must first have claimed a founding frog. Community members that participated in the original Gyroscope Testnet game and validated their personhood in Sybil challenges received this NFT. This NFT represents their position as a founding member of the Gyroscope DAO. Note that this game has now ended.
Once the founding frog has been claimed, the next step is to claim voting power. This is done by signing a message that proves ownership of a founding frog. You can do that here.

One frog, how many votes?

Different founding frogs have different vote multipliers. Further information is provided here.
Governance can change the voting power of users by calling NFTVault.updateMultiplier.