Guide for new users

To understand the mechanism, we suggest our introduction (and follow-up) and this video featured in The Defiant:

To try out the Gyroscope testnet

  1. Install Metamask on a browser and follow the setup steps

  2. Within Metamask, change from "Main Ethereum Network" to "Kovan test network"

  3. Get free testnet tokens from our faucet: post a tweet like this, replacing "0x..." with your ETH address (can check in your Metamask). If you encounter issues, try alternatives here.

  4. In the Gyroscope Testnet App, use your test-tokens to mint and redeem Gyro Dollars.

To play the gamified testnet

Read about the gamified testnet here.

To play the gamified testnet, read the instructions here:

You can track your progress in the Gyroscope App.